12 February, 2012

have i mentioned

how much i LOVE modern music sometimes?
You see, sometimes the composer, decides that he has to control everything he possibly can in the score.
That means, that 1/4 of the orchestra is sitting on a raised platform precisely 3.5 feet above another 1/4 of the orchestra (except the 2nd violin players who are on stage right), and the last half are behind the audience in the opera house, and .. you get the picture.
Well in THIS specific piece, MY character/part has the 'indication' of being RAISED and SITTING in the orchestra (the stage right side of the divided orchestra which is raised above the stage left side of it)... SO, I was kinda-sorta hoping that this would magically happen ... and guess what it is?
I GET TO USE MY MUUUUUSSSIIIIIICCC! For like, a LOT of the action.
I have NO idea how I'm going to be blocked into it, but I received official word that I only need to memorize the last 'section' of the 4 section opera (about 50 pages, instead of 320!), and I have two things to say about this:

One- thank the sweet magical shiny unicorns who rule from their sugar-coated fluffy rainbow clouds on high... because this music is FRIKKING hard and NOT having to memorize the whole thing in the next month is going to make my life (with a baby that demands feeding every 3 hours and *sometimes* takes 1 hour naps after those feedings) SO SO SO much better!

I know this.
Not every singer who agreed to start opera performances EIGHT WEEKS after having a baby actually gets to go through with that contract... I mean, I assume some singers would cancel it, not knowing if they COULD do it. Others may be canceled UPON, but houses that think they wouldn't be ready, and others still may not have even said yes in the first place, not knowing what their vocal situation would be, or not knowing whether they would have time to learn a role (if it was new, etc.)- thing is, I would have said YES to Queen, or ANY other role I've sung...and assume that muscle memory and good technique would kick in no matter what and I'd be able to do a great job at 8 weeks.
But modern, new, completely crazy music? That was...a tiny bit of a gamble.
And yes, I'll have it learned perfectly, and yes, I HAVE worked hard on this even though I've not been the most enthusiastic about the style and how it sounds in my ear (right NOW..maybe it'll grow on me with full cast and orchestra...as modern music usually does).

That's all for now!

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Kate said...

First congrats on your sweet new baby - how lovely! Second - thanks (again) for allowing us a glimpse into your world. It's so different from Audience World which is my home...