26 February, 2012

ah sweet mystery of life...

At last I've ...KINDA... found you.
And I'm talking about this modern piece of music for which rehearsals begin in approximately 15 days.
YES. I've gotten to the stage where I can go through the score from tab to colorful tab (where I've marked my entrances), and sing MOSTLY correctly every random interjection of modern music that I have.
When I don't know what's coming up in the score I stop and review it, but that only happened a few times, and the funny thing is that after singing tritones to minor thirds to up one octave down a half step, the ones I actually get 'wrong' are perfect 5ths or some equally easy interval that in my head and on the score for some reason look more difficult than they are.

I'm Preeeeety sure I'm not going to be fired on the first day of rehearsal (have seen it happen before, twice). No, really. I always come prepared. OVER prepared. And with this piece I'm also pretty sure that I"ll be extremely well prepared (15 days from now, def.)

At some point I'll try to get into singing-opera-mom-baby conversations, but for now I'll say that no, I haven't had as much time to practice as usual, no, I don't have the time I would LIKE to start working out and get back into physical shape as quickly as I'd really like to, and no, I'm not really looking forward to going back to rehearsals with a 10 week old baby and figure out a 'schedule' when I will really have no set schedule (as is the norm in opera rehearsals..you never know when you'll be called- morning, day, evening, all, none, etc).
I know it's crazy. I also know that I CAN do it.
Just keep swimming...

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