17 November, 2010

hurrray for singing!

Wait, first let me say- HURRAY for waking up!
Yes, it's true-- for the past two weeks I have not gotten out of bed before noon. SOMETIMES I was awake before that time, and checkin' out the interwebs. MOST times I would wake up from about 7:30-8, then fall back asleep around 9:30 and sleep straight through until about noon, THEN check the internets until 2pm (all in bed, of course).
Which means, I wasn't eating, drinking, OR doing anything, really (besides, obviously, let me state ONCE again..being on the INTERWEBS) until well past the mid-day.

In my defense, however, I was HUGELY productive in the wee hours..between about 11pm and one a.m.
Printing out music, reading about music news, competitions, singers, what's going on, and then my normal blogginess/nytimes/facebook/email combo.

Yes, I practiced (out loud) twice. And both times I wrote about how I should do it more often.
Funny how once you get around to doing something that you so naturally always DO, it's a lot of fun.

So- today- practice!
An hour and twenty minutes of singing fun arias and lieder and oratorio!
I did about 15 minutes of warming up before switching to my 'standard' "am I warmed up aria"- Durch Zaertlichkeit.
If I can sing this WITH EASE, everything is fine.
Well, I did.
And so,
It was.

Then I did some Doll song action, some Rosina, some Debussy and Strauss lieder, followed by Zerbie (just the aria) and finally looked at the new oratorio piece.

I WILL say I was vocally tired after that entire time- meaning, I felt a bit 'thick' in the super low (below middle c), but other than that, NOTHING changed, and I feel as if I could start singing again right now.
The low thickness is usually a warning sign that I've been singing very high for a very long time.
Which, actually is true- since I forgot to mention I sang crazy-high-contemporary aria as well, twice.

I can stay up in the stratosphere long enough, but then coming down, I always feel the need to belt out a good ole Gershwin tune in a 'jazzy' but supported style. Just to make sure that everything is still healthy, functioning as it should be, and EASY.
Most importantly- EASY.

And- today it was.
Good working session today even inspired me to MAYBE do a little brain work later- ie, still music stuff, but things that don't require singing.

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grahamophone said...

I like New York in June, how about you?
I like a Gershwin tune, how about you?