15 November, 2010

attitude adjustment

Remember that time, say, oh, about FIVE days ago when I said that it felt so good to practice and sing through an entire role and that I'll be doing something like this every day I hope? Yea....then came the weekend..well, the almost-weekend (thursday), followed by the weekend (friday to sunday), followed by this morning (recovery from weekend).
No, I didn't go clubbing until 4am, I just had a friend and family involved kind of weekend that included much eating of french pastries (still baked in Germany so they were ho-hum), much shopping (not for me, but I got to judge others..always a fun thing), much walking about and seeing some sights while enjoying one of FF's possibly LAST mild-weathered weekends this season (since it's raining and freezing out now), and much talking (so much, that even if I wanted to practice last night or Saturday it probably would have felt a bit dry and crappy).
BUT I'm feeling awesome now- it's almost 4pm here which means I can practice (after the afternoon-no-noise-allowed time), and practice I SHALL.
Except first I have to finish my chocolate muesli.

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