14 October, 2010

it's the day before the show, y'all!

My routine?
Do as much of NOTHING as possible.
I have the majority of my 'toi toi toi' notes written (except the director and maestro which always take a bit more time).
I will attempt to drink water today. More water than usual..and my usual is about .75 liters. Ooops. Yea, I know, I should try to improve that, seeing how it's a whopping 2 glasses out of 8 that we are 'supposed' to have per day.
But I ate a clementine! Does that count?

The rest of today's options:
Learn new music? NAAHHHHHH!

Clean the apartment and put all the clothes away that I have been throwing on the floor after arriving home for the past 2 nights at midnight after our tech and dress? MOST LIKELY NOT.

Watch movies and be online from 6pm until I try to go to bed around 2am? Most likely.

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