20 October, 2010

day off

Show number 4 is tomorrow.
Show number three was the 'relaaaaaaxed' show. Everyone got over the opening night jitters, the first matinee slump/fake energy, and now we are in a rhythm.
We know our calls and sometimes get to stage just as the SM turns around to call us.
We take our time to get that 2nd wig change because we already know that the makeup and hair staff is outside smoking a cigarette and having yet another coffee at that exact 5 minutes when we're called to the chair.

I'm still not quite sure what to do with my days off.
I actually bought knitting needles and some yarn, turned on youtube, watched a video about how to get the yarn on the needle, then watched a video about how to knit.
And now..I'm 1/4 done with a scarf.
Except my fingertips hurt from stabbing the tips of them with the needles all the time.

I tried a bit during the show as well, which was pretty calming actually. Instead of eating chocolate and trying to unsuccessfully concentrate on reading books (calls get in the way of truly reading an entire page)...
So, maybe that trend will continue.

I KNOW that as soon as this production is over I'll be in music-learning mode again.
Actually, the other night I DID bring super-future score to the dressing room and managed to do a bit of work on the 'interjection' lines of the first act.

So there, productivity after all!!

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