23 October, 2009

k k k karma

This won't be long or detailed but let's just put it this way---

If you happen to be an American living in a foreign country, MAYBE just possibly of the same profession that I am, with maybe just possibly some more experience, insight, advice, and general THINGS to tell me about my trying to start a life here and trying to coach, study, find english classes, contacts, auditions, etc.- OR just wanting some COMPANY of English speakers----please, just please think of YOUR first month or two here before you write me off like I'm just trying to somehow sabotage your own career or life by just saying hi and let's hang out sometime.

I know we're not besties and just acquaintances, but come on...I'm pretty sure YOUR life isn't so busy and great that you have no time to say yea, let's meet up some time.

I offer my apartment to friends to crash or warm up. I offer guided tours of a city that I don't even KNOW that well yet. I offer anyone coming to germany the same 'master list' that I made up by myself of every agent, house, how to contact them, what to do, etc. plus any other tips I've picked up along the way.
With an open heart and really all the best and positive thoughts for anyone (including coloratura sopranos...YESSSS....really), in making this kind of leap.

And really? You think I'm just using you for an email?

ok then.

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