20 May, 2012

weeked o' crazy, part deux

Opera Saturday night, arrive home 1:20am, feed baby 2:30am, wake up at 5:30 to feed baby again, alarm goes off at 6:40 on Sunday morning, get up, get to the train station, 3.5 hour train across the 'country', train delayed by an hour, arrive for show #2, drink hot water with ginger and honey, warm up a TINY bit to make sure the F's are there, get in makeup and wig, pump (yea, see, I went there again), get in costume, SUNDAY MATINEE of Magic Flute, pump during intermission, get out of costume, get on 4 hour train ride home (longer because at night the ICE's stop in more places), sit next to a guy who didn't wear his shoes and smelled like he hadn't showered in a few days (ie: STUDENT), he gets off one hour later, then stuck with a woman taking up more than her share of the seat and doing crossword puzzles, freeze in the over-air-conditioned train cabin, 10:56 get out of the train, 11:10 arrive at my door. WHAT a weekend. Totally worth it. Last Flute of the season. ONE more show until I'm on 'vacation'- meaning, music-LEARNING, rather than performances until late August.

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