14 October, 2008

Dr. Atomic Opening at the MET

Opening night!
Even with my 'starving artist' seats in the back of family circle, I only have love love love for this opera.
I've seen a fair share of modern/contemporary works, and usually I'm a fan if it grabs me.

Well----Dr. Atomic is a story that weaves itself through music with beautiful lyrics based on letters, real broadcasts, beautiful poetry, maxims from famous religious works, and fleeting stream of consciousness poignant arias.

The orchestration was a dream for the singers--or so it seemed, because I understood almost every word (props to the English diction coach), they carried and cut over the orchestra, the ensemble underneath them was supportive without being too loud, heavy, or distracting from the melodies.

Not to say that there weren't a fair share of dramatic, strong, and LOUD moments--especially the last 5 minutes when it seemed like the whole theater was shaking--as if, in NYC, 10 subway cars are rumbling above, below, and to all sides of you. I actually was concerned about whether with that sound decibel it could ever compromise the structural integrity of a building.

Not that building...but just "A" building.

At any rate, it was beautiful music and poetry.
The production was cool and I didn't think anything was in there just to 'be in there' and make it 'new and weird' or 'shocking', etc.--everything had a reason and I believed it.

Yes. My review and advice is Yes. Go see it.
I actually may go again soon.
It's intelligent and passionate--brains and soul.
Smart and sexy.
go. now.

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manprano said...

The principals are amplified in Dr. Atomic. Unobtrusively, I thought, but amplified none the less.